Retail Sales Up System

Why do you need the Sky Up System? If you are customer oriented store, you should have an Sky Up System. It doesn’t matter if you sell 50 vehicles per month or 500. By having the Sky Up System every customer will get taken care of equally. No more cherry picking. When salespeople know they are being tracked they’ll push customers to the next step. It’ll get you more Logged UPs, Demos, Write-Up and more deals.

Paper logs never work because no one sits down at end of the day to calculate all of the UPs, Demos and Write-ups etc. CRM is good for follow-up but if salesperson never logged them how will you really know how many people came through the door? Every store spends thousands of dollars on advertising but how do you keep track of it?

The biggest benefit having Sky Up System is that it’ll free up your sales teams brain. They all don’t have to focus on the “Point” or they won’t be glued to the glass. You’ll only need couple of salespeople to monitor the UPs. Everyone else can focus on follow up and take care of sold customers.

Sky Up System is fully automated and self policed by salespeople very little management input is required. They’ll never miss their turn because as they move up the list they’ll get text message on their phone that your turn is coming up. Also managers and salespeople can login in on any Internet connected device to see how the list is moving. Managers can keep track of their salespeople with click of a mouse. You can also setup daily, weekly or monthly reports. No more guessing about actual store traffic.

Please call us for free no obligation demo of our product. We only do month to month contracts and you get one month free trial. If it doesn’t work for you we’ll take it out. Because it really works.

Stores that use our system have seen increase in sales and outgoing calls.
References available upon request.

Please feel free to call us with any questions.

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